PRE-CHAW™ Spearmint

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PRE-CHAW™ is the worlds first pre-workout in a pouch. The #1 selling Pre-Workout pouch has sold over 50,000 pouches in the first 6 months with over 500 5 star reviews!

We took constant feedback from happy CHAW users and we heard only 2 improvements users would like to see in Pre-Chaw™:

1) New Flavors 

2) More Caffeine 

The NEW 1.85g Pre-Workout pouch is made of all natural fiber and packed with hours of extreme flavor. PRE-CHAW™ has been re-formulated to fit the request of user to be a STRONGER pouch than the original, now with 300mg of caffine.

We were able to keep the 6 key studied ingredients In the Original  Pre-Workout pouch and add enhancer ingredients to them to give you the maximum increase in focus, drive, and performance. 

Pre-Chaw™ on average secretes flavor to your lip 60-180 min. Pre-Chaw™ Pre-Workout pouch stay between your lip and gum until flavor completely runs out. Swallow all flavor secreted from pouch. Dispose of the fiber pouch after use.