Samsonsupplabs was established in 2016 with a dream and vision that slowly became a reality when our founder and CEO Kendall VaLeu found the help from a great friend Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD.

       The idea for the company was simple and could be described in one word...art. Bodybuilding, sports, music, passion, and anything worth doing in life is established and made up of arts. Lines, curves, angles, inches, and seconds are the measurements we use to define these arts. By going to the gym you have become a artist of your own body by trying to sculpt your body into the picture you have painted in your head. By playing football you are trying to perfect the art of movement and master your opposing teams psychology so that you can draw a winning score. The question is "Where is the art in supplements?"

Nearly every company has the same selling points; "our quality, our promise, our testing, our purity"...this is not a selling point, this is a given! Samsonsupplabs is proudly made and manufactured at All American Pharmaceuticals in Billings, MT where all those fancy testing words have been upgraded and tested again. 

So what makes us unique? ART! The thinking in the industry is very "boxed" or "confined." we have limited our brains to focus on the same ingredients in different property blends. We spend too much time trying to figure out how much of a single or multiple ingredients in a product have an effect rather than how much of these ingredients are bio-available, and why are we using them in the first place?

Think outside the box! Science itself has become "Bio-available" with a simple web browser search such as..."what does caffeine do" and suddenly you have become a scientist or chemist. What if you changed the whole browser search to something more relevant like "what does pre-workout do?" Once we know a pre-workouts purpose then we can start to put together a profile to match that. There has to be a driving force with a clear purpose to have a clear cause. The word "Pre-workout" is very confined as a prefix the word "pre" means before, and "workout" means a session of vigorous physical exercise or training. Now we can create something that indeed is used before, but also the product needs to face a session of vigorous physical exercise if we are going to call it a pre-workout. 

The Team 


Kendall VaLeu

      "My goals for Samsonsupplabs are incredibly diverse and simple; we lead, the rest follow. You will never see a single repeat product in our inventory. I have spent 5 years carefully planning every product in detail that we will create. These products are very similar to puzzles in the sense that no one has ever put them together so they take time and resources, but with a dream anything is possible."

     Kendall is from Graham, NC. He is a graduate from Eastern Alamance High School then followed his passion of soccer to Cape Fear in Wilmington, NC. He attended school hoping for a degree in Criminal Justice until life chose him a different path.

    One night walking home from a party he found himself alone in the dark with two strangers. The strangers were both double in size and ready for unnecessary evil. Kendall fought back but stood no chance in his 5'11 130lb body. He was hit so hard in the back of his head that he blacked out to woke up to the sound of police and EMT's by his side. He had suffered his second concussion with missing front teeth, and his lip was spit into two pieces that led up to his broken nose. After facing this tragic event he spent all his time focused on building his body to become a weapon. He transformed his body in under 16 months from 130lbs to 195lb completely drug free. During that time of transformation he found his greatest passion and pursuit...Dietary Supplements!


Graphic Designer 

Ashley Hernandez

       Ashley was originally added to the team as a Samsonsupplabs California athlete in 2016 when we discovered a great hidden talent in graphic design. Ashley completely designed our soon to launch BCAA MD™ label as well she will be designing new labels for PRE-CHAW™.

Ashley has been lifting consistently for almost two years now. She will be  competing in her very first NPC figure competition in May 2018. When she is not in the gym, she enjoys creating different kinds of art. Ashley also loves hiking, traveling, and trying new foods.