Muscle Dew™

0g of sugar, 0g of Carbohydrates, 5,000mg of AminoZorb® 
What is Muscle Dew™ We started with a Patent 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA's called AminoZorb®. AminoZorb® is a branched chain combination of L-lucine, isoleucine, and valine that is backed by the science of our friend Jeff Golini, Ph.D. at All American Pharmaceuticals.
We then looked into some of the benefits of sparkling water and the concept of intermitted fasting and both seemed to show a correlation. Sparkling Water has been used by some of the industry's top trainers and diet coaches to aid in  suppressing your appetite without stimulants. BCAA's have been used during fasted periods of time to help reduce the catabolic conversion and reduce the effects of becoming fatigue while training. We can see that BCAA increase energy, protein synthesis, and aid in muscle development and growth and carbonated beverages can help with appetite suppression, so we put the two together in one scoop...Muscle Dew™ 
Jeff Golini, Ph.D
AminoZorb® studies can be found here:
Why Muscle Dew™ Everyone loves soda; yet, we can't drink soda and say we are big into fitness, on a diet, or trying to get in shape. The possibility of finding a carbonated water at every restaurant or on your travels or at your gym is very low, so Muscle Dew™ has been developed to increase just that! 
We have successfully turned your favorite flavor into a BCAA Soda! Muscle Dew™ is a green/yellow powder with 0g sugar, 0g of Carbohydrates, and 5,000mg of AminoZorb® with a 2:11 clinically studied ratio of L-leucine to isoleucine and Valine balance of amino acids.
YES, Muscle Dew™ fully carbonates and flavors your water!
 We use a combination of Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate and Potassium bicarbonate to make your water BUBBLE and FIZZ!
What is BCAA'S?
Branched Chain Amino Acids ( L-Lucine, Isoleucine, Valine). BCAA's make up 35% of your muscle mass and must be present for molecular growth, we call this this "the foundation to the house" because branch chains start the process of building muscle. BCAA's support Protein synthesis helping you not only build more muscle, but utilize or make it more bio-available through higher absorption rates. BCAA's are commonly used in the cutting faze of bodybuilding to hold on to as much muscle as possible without going "catabolic" which seems to happen more often when in a caloric deficit. 
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