Cross-Buzz™ Jungle Juice

Cross-Buzz™ Jungle Juice is a micro scoop of the hardest hitting stimulants you can legally get your hands on in the USA and at high doses.
We NEVER  use proprietary blends so you know the exact amount of each ingredient you are taking. Cross-Buzz™ Jungle juice was created for the advanced/experienced Pre-Workout user that wants to feel like a Mario after a hit a few of those red instant growing mushrooms, but really...this product is not for beginners. 
Disclaimer: We never recommend taking more than one scoop of Cross-Buzz™ Jungle Juice, ever! Do not take this product if you are under the age of 18. 
Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings per Container: 60...Yes 2 months worth of Jungle Juice.
Taurine: An amino acid that creates a chemical bond required for protein synthesis. Taurine is found in just about every energy drink you will ever pick up because we know it works. Taurine supports neurological development and helps regulate the level of water and minerals found in the blood. Taurine activates receptors for the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA which is now for its calming/focused effect, also known to help deal with pain better. Taurine increases the electrical activity in nerve cells, which is key for the firing of neurons. Taurine has been known to nearly mimic the actions of neurotransmitters. 
Caffeine: We all know what this drug is used for, but what is caffeine actually doing? Caffeine is not only a adenosine A2A receptor antagonists (helps with fat release) it is also a central nervous system stimulate. By simulating you CNS you can see benefits such as more alert and less tired. We also see that when the CNS is stimulated the fat burning properties are higher. We see and increase in Norepinephrine (adrenaline) and dopamine.  Who wants more energy and focus at the same time? I think we all know the effects of caffeine. 
Theobromine: Our first little secrete...SHHH. Theobromine is a ingredient that is slightly overlooked because of its cost, but its worth every penny. Theobromine also know as Xantheose is alkaloid from the cacao plant. Theobromine is much like caffeine, except it has more of a focus on muscle relaxation. 
L-Theanine: Another fantastic amino acid! We usually see this in sleep/mood sections of supplement store because of its ability to relax your mind..however when you combined this amino acid with a stimulant you have a laser focus. L-Theanine is another stimulant to the production of the inhibitory, relaxing neurotransmitter GABA. 
Questions? We got answers.
What is Pre-Workout? If you are seriously asking this question we would recommend to start with another product that is not as strong. 
How long before a workout should I Take Cross-Buzz™? Cross-Buzz™ is extremely potent and will hit HARD and FAST! We recommend taking Cross-Buzz™ 5 to 10 minutes before your workout. NEVER stack with any other stimulants. 
Does Cross-Buzz™ have Creatine? Absolutely NOT! Creatine is extremely cheap and should be consumed in cycles (2-5) times a daily depending on its form and phase. Pre-Workout that use ingredients like Creatine Monohydrate make the scoop/product seem to have more value, but in reality its cheating you of your money.
Does Cross-Buzz™ make you tingle? The "tingle feeling" comes from a ingredient called Beta Alanine and the "Flush" feeling comes from B3 (Niacin) to help with lactic acid. Cross-Buzz™ is not designed to fight lactic acid or help with ATP, it is designed for one thing only....JACK YOU UP OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN MIND!
Is Cross-Buzz™ tested in a lab? Absolutely! We take pride in our testing, quality, and value. All Samsonsupplabs products are tested and manufactured at the prestigious All American Pharmaceutical in Billings, MT. Every batch of product we make we take the time to test for a wide spectrum of drugs, yeast, mold, testosterone, metals, and much more! 
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnoses, or cure any diseases.