60 servings Cross-Buzz™ Jungle Juice

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You got it! YES, Really- 60 FULL SERVINGS!

WARNING: Never take more than one scoop of Cross-Buzz™ Jungle Juice. This product is intended for experienced users over the age of 18.

What is Cross-Buzz?

Lets start by saying we spoke to many experienced users over the course of 3 years to find out what is mort important part of a Pre-Workout Supplement?

Here is what we heard:

1) The Energy

2) The Focus

3) The Price

4) No-Crash

5) Awesome taste!

We took our time with development of a Pre-Workout Powder Simply because its a over saturated product. Everyone want the best Pre-Workout so they jump to what ever has the most hype or the most Stimulants. We had so many request for a powder version of Pre-Chaw that we put our heads together with a few developers and made something extremely unique. 

60 serving of pure, tested, hardcore stimulants with a perfect laser focus and a taste that will blow your mind! The best part is... NO CRASHING. 

What is the Flavor? Glad you asked! We have seen it all now: fruit punch, bluerazz, lemon, icy rocket and the list goes on....lets start a flavor you might remember from you college dorm years. The flavor of 10 random fruits combined into a smooth juice flavor. Jungle Juice is the official flavor of the party world!

Cross-Buzz™ Jungle Juice was formulated to make you feel JACK UP! We want you to walk into the gym ready to set a new PR, ready to crush your set, and ready take on the world! The hardest stimulants combined into one Hell of a perfect formula. Did we mention 300mg of caffeine per serving? We added some ingredients you probably haven't heard of yet, but you will very soon!

Jungle Juice is not only used in the gym. We have heard Jungle Juice being used by: Gamers, Athletes, Coffee/Energy drink replacements (.50 a serving), swimmers, MMA, and the list continues to grow!

Walking into the gym is easy, walking into the jungle...well, its another story!